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Hossein Imani 24.01.2010 04:26
Dear Alexy,
,referring to our calling ,we would like to inform you that we are intrested in to see the potentially of your products for our market.
could you please send us :
1)the best quotation of Cenosphere (for using in Paint/ Oil industry/Construction )?
a)as F.O.B Russia
b)and CNF Railway station of IRAN (direct railway shipment from russia/kazakhstan/Turkeminstan/Iran)
c)as CNF Anzali/Iran
2) for one trial wagon
3)packing : in 550kg big bag (covered by nylon)

meanwhile we require:
samples :(200 gr)from each sample
2 catalogs (preferrely in English)+technical informations
how we could receive the samples by DHL?
waiting for reply soon.




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